Boston BT 168 G brug and tailpiece set

brug and tailpiece set, 12-snarig, verguld, met studs

tune-o-matic bridge for 12-string guitar


diameter anchor: 12mm
length anchor: 19,5mm
thread studs: M8
diameter studhole in bridge: 6mm
spacing studs: 73,5mm
stringspacing E-e: 54,7mm
radius: 12"
wire retainer: no
saddles notched: yes
finish: chrome

diameter anchor: 12mm
length anchor: 19,5mm
thread studs: M8
spacing studs: 82mm
finish: goldplated

€ 34.00

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Oasis OAS OH 21 bevochtiger voor contrabas

bevochtiger voor contrabas

As with all of our humidifiers, you can count on the Oasis® Three-Quarter Size Double Bass Humidifier to protect your instrument from cracking in dry winter weather by providing it with the humidification it needs without leaking or hurting your instrument. Its unique Oasis® design makes it easy to see when to refill, provides long-lasting humidification, ensures no leakage due to overfilling, and promises two levels of leak protection.

Our Double Bass Humidifier is the same size as our other humidifiers, but generates substantially more daily humidity.

How does it work? To accommodate the large air capacity of the double bass, two humidifiers are generally required to supply sufficient humidity. Due to the high humidity output of this humidifier, the unit should be refilled every three days. The humidifiers fit inside the double bass through the hole at the bottom of the F hole. This humidifier will not fit every double bass. The opening must be 1 ¼” or larger, so it isn’t suitable for half-size or smaller double basses but fits most three-quarter size double basses.

The suspension system is completely new. An elastic cord slips over the neck of the humidifier and is held in place by both tension and the humidifier cap. The cord is knotted at the end and extends through two pieces of felt (user-installed. One piece of felt is round and fits in the F hole. The other is rectangular and fits outside the double bass keeping the humidifier from falling into the instrument.

Because tap and bottled water contain dissolved minerals that can clog the liner, distilled water is recommended to extend the useful life of your humidifier.

Most instruments only need seasonal humidification. Typically, the humidity drops in the fall and rises in the spring. When the spring arrives, we recommend that you remove the humidifier, wash all of the crystals out, and leave the cap loosely on the humidifier. If you do not remove the crystals and loosen the cap, the humidifier will shrink up, dry up and the crystals will stick together. In the fall, it is easy to damage the lining of the humidifier when trying to restore it to shape. The lining is only 1/1000th of an inch thick and can be damaged easily if it sticks to itself and the crystals, when the humidifier shrinks up and dries up if the lid is left on tight.

€ 37.39

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D'Addario KA412 LM Kaplan Amo altvioolsnaar D 2

altvioolsnaar D-2, 16" long scale, stranded steel, aluminium wound, medium

Kaplan Viola strings offer professional-level players a full range of options designed to meet their exacting needs: two synthetic core sets, Kaplan Amo and Kaplan Vivo, and our existing stranded-steel core set, renamed Kaplan Forza. Kaplan Amo provides warmth, richness, and flexibility for brighter instruments, while Kaplan Vivo delivers brilliance, clarity, and a robust feel for darker instruments. Both sets settle quickly, exhibiting a rich tonal color palette and superb bow response. Kaplan Forza, the stranded-steel core set, provides an even higher level of clarity and tonal focus, and quicker bow response and settling time.

Sized to fit long-scale viola (body length 16-16 1/2 inches) with a playing length of 15 inches (380mm), these medium tension strings are optimized to the needs of a majority of players. Packaged in uniquely-designed sealed pouches providing unparalleled protection from the elements that cause corrosion.

- Long-scale viola (body length 16-16 1/2 inches) with a playing length of 15 inches (380mm)
- Medium tension
- Kaplan Amo delivers warmth, richness, and flexibility for brighter instruments
- Synthetic core produces a rich, powerful tone
- Short break-in time and excellent bow response provides superb playability

All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry

€ 40.39

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Turkish SD R20 Studio 20 ride

20" ride

Brilliant bell tone. Strong & defined. Lively & loud ping. Great stick definition. Excellent for recording.

Studio cymbals are very interesting visually, as well as sonically. The outer 2" circle of the top is deeply hammered, unlathed & left raw. This hammering process allows the sound to open more slowly when struck, producing a more defined note with controlled sustain. The remainder of the top surface is lathed & polished to a brilliant finish. The bell is raw with no visible hammer marks. The bottom of the Studio cymbals are lathed and brilliant throughout

€ 286.19

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Rudolph RV 1012 viool set 1 2

viool set 1/2, gevlamd esdoorn, schaduwrijke lak, ebben toebehoren, koffer, fijnstemmer staartstuk

De Rudolph RV-10 viool is een ideale viool voor alle soorten en stijlen muziek. Hij is op traditionele wijze gebouwd met traditionele materialen zoals sparrenhout voor het bovenblad en gevlamd esdoorn voor zij- en achterblad en de krul. De toets en de mechanieken zijn gemaakt van ebbenhout wat de duurzaamheid in de setup garandeert en wat prettiger aanvoelt onder de vingers.
Hij heeft een elegante oude look mede dankzij een mooie transparante bruine olieverf.

De RV-10 viool wordt geleverd met een lichtgewicht case en een strijkstok. Een mooi instrument voor een mooie prijs.

RV-10 violen zijn beschikbaar in de volgende maten:

4/4 (+- 11 jaar oud, armlengte van 60 cm)
3/4 (+- 9-10 jaar oud, armlengte van ongeveer 57 cm)
1/2 (+- 8 jaar oud, armlengte van ongeveer 53 cm)
1/4 (+- 6-7 jaar oud, armlengte van ongeveer 48 cm)
1/8 (+- 5 jaar oud, armlengte van ongeveer 45 cm)

€ 341.25

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Switchcraft SW 250 G toggle switch 3 way

toggle switch 3-way, long model, no cap, for USA made LP-model guitars, gold

made in USA

€ 41.85

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Xvive V9 COMP Mini Pedal Lemon Squeezer compressor

Lemon Squeezer compressor

- 100% analog circuit design
- Distortion is kept low so good tone is maintained
- Greatly increases the sustain of guitar notes and chords
- Compresses dynamic range so all signals above the level set by the THRESHOLD are kept at about the samevolume
- Total (true) bypass
- Power Requirements:9V DC
- Current Draw: 100 mA
- Dimension: 46(W) x 94(D) x 50(H)mm

Xvive – ontworpen voor en door musici

Of je nou op de grootste podia staat of in je garage, Xvive effectpedalen blazen je gitaarsound nieuw leven in!

Xvive heeft veertien verschillende ultra-compacte effectpedalen in een robuuste, metalen behuizing en twee grotere aluminium pedalen ! Alle pedalen zijn voorzien van het onmisbare 'true bypass' , om signaalverlies te voorkomen als je het effect niet gebruikt.

Van classic rock riffs, schreeuwende shred solos, een spacy chorus, delay en phaser effecten, tot probleemoplossers als noise gate, DI en AB pedalen – wat je ook zoekt, Xvive heeft het!

€ 55.00

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Boston OMS 500 orkestlessenaar

orkestlessenaar, met exta groot 3-delig blad, metal, zwart, afneembaar 90x31 cm blad

Een vriendelijk geprijsde orkestlessenaar van Boston met ruimte voor maar liefst 4 pagina’s bladmuziek. Hij is in hoogte verstelbaar en het blad van 90 x 31 cm is volledig afneembaar. Een ideale lessenaar voor dirigenten, orkesten en studio’s.

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 70.40

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RA 12 CEBK Richwood Artist Series akoestische gitaar

akoestische gitaar, auditorium model, actieve EQ, die cast mechanieken, zwart

The Richwood RA-12 model is the perfect entry in the steel-string guitar world. The Richwood quality is always improving and the latest production will leave you astonished at how much guitar you will get at this budget.
The RA-12 body shape is smaller than our RD-12, making this a bit more intimate sounding and an easier to handle instrument.

body shape: auditorium cutaway
bracing design: X scalloped
scale length: 650 mm
nut width: 43 mm
12th fret width: 54,8 mm
body length: 490 mm
lower bout width: 388 mm
waist width: 231 mm
upper bout width: 280 mm
body thickness: 94/99 mm
top material: spruce
back & side materia: laminated basswood
neck material: Indonesian mahogany
fingerboard material: acacia
fingerboard binding material: ABS ivory
bridge material: acacia
color: black
body finishing: glossy
neck finish: glossy
rosette: 3 rings black & ivory
top purfling: 3-ply
side binding: ivory
back binding: ivory
trussrod: active two-way
top position dots: 5,5 mm shell
side position dots: 2 mm black ABS
frets: 18% nickel silver
nut & saddle material: synthetic
machine head: chrome diecast
strings: 012-053
bridge pins: black color, white core
pickguard: imported 129 black D
strap button: chrome
pickup system: Richwood EQ5, volume, treble, mid, bass, phase and tuner

Dit product is per 2020-07-03 00:00:00 weer voorradig.

€ 162.00

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Turkish C RCH14 Classic Series 14 reverse bell china

14" reverse bell china

Quick response & very short china sound. Ideal between china & crash sound. Longer extend sound with reverse bell.

The Classic serie is our most versatile serie. These cymbals are TURKISH’s standard professional line. Weight & hammering will probably remind you of the legendary old K’s.

The sound range differs from dark and over full-bodied to bright tones, including all contemporary crash sounds. This extensive range of fully hand-hammered & lathed cymbals reflect the famous history of cymbal-making in Istanbul.

€ 148.95

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Boston PU 19 WH pickup single coil Stallion 7 string

pickup single coil Stallion 7-string, vintage alnico, white

€ 36.75

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Pirastro P419411 Evah Pirazzi vioolsnaar G 4

vioolsnaar G-4, soft, in envelop, silver

€ 44.85

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La Bella VSE942 Vapor Shield Series snarenset elektrisch

snarenset elektrisch, extra light, 009-011-016-024W-032-042


Welcome to the next generation of extended-life strings. La Bella Vapor Shield™ strings are like no other string on the market because the surface of the string is modified during the treatment process. Coated strings are now a thing of the past.


Using a highly sophisticated Ionic Vapor Process™ developed by Acoustic Science, proprietary compounds are activated in a glow discharge electromagnetic plasma, and the surface of all strings are modified. The result is a string protected from dirt, oil, residue, and tarnishing. Most importantly, string playability and life is extended without flaking or compromising tone.

THE LA BELLA VAPOR SHIELD™ DIFFERENCE. The technology behind La Bella Vapor Shield™ is unlike any other string. The entire surface and full-length of all strings are treated with a nucleated polymer vapor material that requires hours of complex prep and processing; no spraying or dipping. The results are unmatched:

TONE. BRIGHTER than typical coated strings AND non-treated strings. Unlike traditional coated strings, Vapor Shield™ plain steel AND wound strings are treated, resulting in even tone.

FEEL. The Ionic Vapor Process™ improves the string’s surface properties, resulting in SMOOTHER plain steel and wound strings vs. both typical coated and non-treated strings.

LIFE-SPAN. Lasts 5x longer than non-treated strings.

ENDURANCE. No flaking after extended play. Impervious to grime, tarnishing and oil residue.

- Nickel-Plated Round Wound & Plain Steel
- Slick mutated surface is resistant to oil and grime
- Tension: Extra Light
- String Gauges: .009, .011, .016, .024W, .032, .042
- Made in the USA with American Wire
- Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

€ 29.65

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ChickenPicks CP DISPL toonbank display met 7 x 5 plectra

toonbank display met 7 x 5 plectra

Deze plectrums worden vervaardigd uit een speciaal materiaal genaamd Duroplast kunststof, dat relatief licht, flexibel en sterk is en dat in de volksmond wordt getypeerd als: "zeven maal sterker dan staal". Het is kortom sterk, slijtvast, licht in gewicht en heeft daarnaast uitstekende tonale eigenschappen.

Omarmd door spelers als John Jorgenson en Johnny Buckland (Coldplay), bereikt de uitvinding van de Nederlander Eppo Franken steeds meer gebruikers wereldwijd.

Probeer ze en raak net zo verslaafd!

€ 212.65

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Joha PG BLAU Natural dyes log wood extract

log wood extract, for staining black, 100gr

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 53.65

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Thomastik TH 58S Präzision snarenset viool

snarenset viool, heavy, bestaande uit TH-50S, TH-51S, TH-53S en TH-54S

Solid steel core string with brilliance in tone and feel which is very durable and a budget solution for players in all fields.

€ 45.99

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Augustin Viva la Musica VIVA CL BK compact schoudersteun voor viool

schoudersteun voor viool, synthetisch materiaal, zwart, geschikt voor 4/4 en 3/4

The patented lateral adjustment system positions special non-slip rubber feet base for comform and secure fit.
Adjustable in length (9 positions) and height
The newly designed concept offers unique folding system, minimizing the height of the shoulder rest, allowing it to fit inside variety of cases.

€ 37.50

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Boston AC 171 600 audio signal cable

audio signal cable, RCA to 6.3mm jack mono, 6.00 meter, for FWF-MV1 pickup system

€ 37.39

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Boston AFB 2012 accordeon softcase met schuim

accordeon softcase met schuim, zwart, 2 rugriemen, voor 12 bassen, 3 rijen diatonisch

De Boston AFB-2012 is een softcase, ontwikkeld ter bescherming en voor vervoer van uw accordeon ( 12 bassen, 3 rijen diatonisch). Het is een robuuste nylontas met een schuimgevoerde binnenkant met 2 handige rugriemen om uw accordeon bv. op de fiets mee te kunnen nemen.

Hij is ook voorzien van een goede kwaliteit ritssluitingen en een ruim opbergvak om bijvoorbeeld uw muziekpapier of andere accessoires in op te bergen. Aan de bovenkant zijn 2 nylon tashengsels bevestigd om uw instrument makkelijk te kunnen dragen als een sporttas.

€ 62.60

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Gaucho GST 236 WH Stellar Series gitaariem

gitaariem, kunstleer, metal applications and white pearls

€ 31.25

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Fender 0992113000 Genuine Replacement Part pickup set Custom Shop White Stratocaster® Fat ‘50s

pickup set Custom Shop White Stratocaster® Fat ‘50s

This is what classic sounds like

As heard on
Fender American Standard Stratocaster® guitars
Fender Custom Shop Fat '50s Strat pickups deliver the single-coil 1950s Stratocaster sound you know and love. Hot-rodded wiring design delivers enhanced bass response and an extra shot of 21st-century attitude.


Formvar magnet wire
Reverse-wound middle pickup
Staggered hand-beveled pole pieces for balanced output
Alnico 5 magnets for enhanced dynamics
Period-correct cloth wire and fiber bobbin
Installation hardware included

€ 262.95

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Dörfler DC15A W. Dörfler Series cello strijkstok 4 4

cello strijkstok 4/4, pernambuco, single oog, met hiel, achthoekig

For musicians of a superior level. Good pernambuco stick, 30 years of impeccable storage and dried. Excellent elastomechanic qualities.

CollectionPernambuco nickel-silver: Basic Bows W. Doerfler

good pernambuco stick
ebony frog with heel plate
single eye
three-part button with eye
metal blanc winding

For Dörfler's pernambuco bows only selected woods are used, which have been perfectly stored and dried for appromimately 30 years. Thanks to its, despite great hardness and density, excellent elasto- mechanics this wood type is the first, or more even the only, choice for bow making of a high standard.

Pernambuco wood comes from northern and central east Brazil. The tree from which it is won is called Caesalpinia echinata, also known as Pau Brasil.

This rare tree species is listed under Cites 2* since June 2007, which means that the export is covered by far more effort than before. Dörfler is a member of the I.P.C.I. organisation, which takes care of the reforestation of this valuable tree species. However as the trees grow very slowly, it will take some time before they can be used for bow making.

€ 243.25

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Hiscox PII GJ Liteflite Pro II koffer voor jumbo gitaar double impact resistance

koffer voor jumbo gitaar double impact resistance, pro hardware

Oa geschikt voor Gibson J200 en grote jazz archtop gitaren.

Binnenmaten :

Lengte : 1111mm
Lower Bout : 432mm
Upper Bout : 305mm
Body Length : 546mm
Body Depth : 140mm
Gewicht : 4.5Kg

€ 211.05

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Boston JTB 2ALB vintage body Teaser model

vintage body Teaser model, 2 piece alder, made in Japan, ivoroid binding

TE body in 2-part alder. This body has great looking double ivoroid bindings. The coolest guitars are made with bindings on top and back.
Alder has been the wood of choice since the 1960's for many guitarbuilders and big high quality guitar factories. To have the alder in 2 parts has been the most used combination since the beginning of electric guitars. Even though this body is of the highest quality wood, wood is still a natural product and the body you order, may look a bit different than the picture.
The neck pocket may be very tight and may need some sanding to make a snug fit for the neck you will use.
Before finishing this body, it only needs minor sanding.

€ 180.00

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Medeli M331 elektronisch keyboard

elektronisch keyboard, 61 aanslaggevoelige toetsen, 2 x 3 watt

De M331 is een goed keyboard voor de beginnende muzikant. Om de speler de beste muzikale ervaring te geven kan gebruik gemaakt worden van 633 klanken en 220 styles. Hiermee kan de bespeler oneindig experimenteren.

Het keyboard bezit een polyfonie van 128, dit betekent dat 128 klanken tegelijkertijd kunnen klinken zodat het keyboard bespeeld kan worden en de complete begeleiding hoorbaar blijft.
Er kan meegespeeld worden met 150 verschillende songs, het Music Tutorial System is ontworpen om beginners muzieknotatie en ritme aan te leren.
Er is de mogelijkheid je eigen spel op te nemen en op te slaan in de 10 user-songs zodat deze later weer kunnen worden afgespeeld. Meespelen en zingen met bestaande muziek? Plug een mp3 speler in de aux-ingang en een microfoon op de microfooningang, en speel en zing mee met je eigen favoriete muziek.


Klavier: 61 aanslaggevoelige toetsen
Display: LCD
Polyfonie: 128
Klanken: 633
Registraties: 32
Songs: 150
Demo: 8
Opname: 1 track + begeleiding, 10 users
Aansluitingen: DC-power, Hoofdtelefoon/Line-out (6,3 mm jack), Sustain (6,3 mm jack), USB, Microfoon (6,3 mm jack), Aux-In (6,3 mm stereo jack)
Netvoeding: DC 12 volt/800mA of 6 x AA batterijen
Speakers: 2 x 3 watt, 4 Ohm
Afmetingen: 956 x 360 x 133 mm (bxdxh)
Gewicht: 5 kg zonder batterijen
Meegeleverd: Stroomadapter (MAD 9/800), bladmuziekhouder, handleiding

€ 182.85

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Boston ST 223 RBP slagplaat

slagplaat, Stallion, 2 ply, tiger brown pearl, SSH, 3 pot holes, 3-5 switch

€ 28.59

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