Thomastik THIN 365 Infeld Superalloy snarenset 5 snarige basgitaar

snarenset 5-snarige basgitaar, superalloy hexcore, 040-060-080-100-120, super longscale 36"

De Infeld Superalloy sets staan qua gebruikte diktes en spanning dicht bij de traditionele sets. Hierdoor is de overstap naar Infeld Superalloy makkelijk te maken, met alleen de voordelen van de Superalloy legering van de omwikkelingen: hoge output en dus betere signaal-ruisverhouding.

€ 58.49

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Pirastro P903100 hars 12 pack

hars 12-pack, "Black", "Double Six"

€ 97.70

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Stewart Ellis SESS 160 gigbag voor sopraansaxofoon

gigbag voor sopraansaxofoon, geschikt voor saxofoons incl. een afneembare nek

Lengte : 57,5cm

€ 45.15

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Fender Outlet 0990820030 Fender instrumentkabel

Fender instrumentkabel, 5,5 meter, tweed

"Fender® cables are designed specifically for live performance - engineered to avoid twisting, kinking, and having any ""physical memory"" and ultimately delivering the best sonic balance between your performance and your equipment. "

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 26.99

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Boston ST 144 TR slagplaat

slagplaat, Stallion, 1 ply, transparent, h, 2 pot holes

€ 27.90

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Crumar MJ EXP2 long throw expressiepedaal 10K

long throw expressiepedaal 10K, verstelbare weerstand, voetschakelaren, 2 jack kabels

Dit expressiepaal van Crumar past perfect bij een orgel setup. De behuizing van de MJ-EXP02 is gemaakt van stevig kunststof met een stevige en stabiele metalen voet. De EXP-02 is voorzien van 2 voetschakelaren om de stand van uw lesliesimulatie te bedienen (tussen stop, chorale en tremolo). De weerstand van het pedaal kan naar uw eigen voorkeur worden afgesteld.

Bijgeleverd zijn 2 jackkabels (expressie, leslie switch) om uw pedaal aan te sluiten op bv de Crumar Mojo (of andere compatibele keyboards).

- 10 kohm potmeter
- voetschakelaren voor bediening lesliesimulatie
- 2 jack kabels meegeleverd

€ 199.85

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La Bella L 7712D Professional contrabassnaar D 2

contrabassnaar D-2, black nylon tape wound, rope core

Over 20 years ago, LaBella worked together with both Attila Zoller and Ron Carter on this string construction. Obtaining the tone of gut and the sustain of metal, this string design is great for jazz pizzicato solos. The rope gut core with the black nylon tape outer-wrapping provides a bright attack with a warm tone.

€ 69.75

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Leonardo LV 1534 RD Basic series viool set 3 4

viool set 3/4, massief, hardhout fittings, incl. fijnstemmer staartstuk, strijkstok en koffer, rood

Leonardo LV-15 Serie:

De Leonardo LV-1534 is een ideale viool voor de beginner en in combinatie met de bijgeleverde koffer, stijkstok en prijs een perfecte starterset. De viool heeft een fijnstemmer staartstuk en een luxe kinsteun en er is gekozen voor tradioneel hout. Hij heeft een sparrenhouten bovenblad en esdoornhouten achterblad, zijkant en nek en is bovendien leverbaar in meerdere maten en (nitro gelakte) kleuren, wat voor kinderen of als showelement op een podium een erg leuke toevoeging kan zijn.

De koffer is voorzien van 2 strijkstokhouders en een accessoirevak.

maat: 3/4 voor leeftijd rond 9-10 jaar oud (armlengte +- 57cm)
bovenblaad: massief sparenhout
achter en zij kanten: massief esdoorn
inleg: hout
toets / stemsleutels: zwartgebeitste maple
lak: Nitro
staartstuk: met fijnstemers
accessoires: strijkstok, lichtgewicht koffer, hars

€ 85.20

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Chauvet DJ CLRB Q3BT 48W LED linear wash COLORband Q3 BT (RGBA) with Bluetooth technology

48W LED linear wash "COLORband Q3 BT" (RGBA) with Bluetooth technology

COLORband Q3BT is a full-size linear quad-color (RGBA) wash light fitted with 3 zones of control. This linear wash light features DMX + built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology. Control COLORband Q3BT with the free BTAir app (patent pending) from any smartphone or tablet; no additional hardware needed! Quad-color LEDs allow for vibrant and warm color mixing! Access built-in automated programs via Master/Slave, DMX, or optional IRC-6 remote. Power link multiple units to save time running extension cords.

- Full-size, quad-color linear wash light with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
- Control directly from a smart phone or tablet without any additional hardware
- 3 zones of control create amazing automated effects
- Generate a broad spectrum of colors and achieve natural-looking color temperatures with punchy amber LEDs
- Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units
- Access built-in automated programs via IRC-6 remote, Master/Slave or DMX
- Fits best in the CHS-60 VIP Gear Bag

DMX Channels: 4, 6 or 16
DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
Max Unobstructed Distance: 150 ft (45.7 m)
Light Source: 12 LEDs (quad-color RGBA) 4 W, (1.4 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
PWM Frequency: 1.59 kHz
Beam Angle: 42°
Field Angle: 70°
Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Illuminance: 635 lux @ 2 m
Power Linking: 10 units @ 120 V; 18 units @ 230 V
Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
Power and Current: 57 W, 0.7 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz - 55 W, 0.4 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
Weight: 6.6 lb (3.1 kg)
Size: 39.3 x 3.8 x 5.5 in (1000 x 98 x 140 mm)
Approvals: CE, FCC
Bracket Mounting Hole: M12
Optional Controllers: IRC-6, BTAir
Bluetooth® version: 4.2

Power cord
Quick Reference Guide

€ 290.05

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Riedl 301 MS L trompetharp

trompetharp, rechte staaf, 30 cm, messing gelakt, kleine harp

€ 27.39

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ELS KWA 300N lakkwast

lakkwast, 76mm in marterhaar, medium

€ 122.00

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Jargar JCE SET 34 Young Talent snarenset cello 3 4

snarenset cello 3/4, medium, flexi-metal

By combining the techniques used for all our cello strings we have managed to create a new line of fractional strings – Young talent. The strings produce as our full size strings a warm, brilliant and powerful tone and they are easy to play on. These qualities make them the perfect choice both for beginners as well as highly talented advanced cellists.

€ 110.39

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Sire P7 A4 AWH P7 2nd Gen Series basgitaar

basgitaar, 4-snarig, alder, antique white

Marcus Miller P7+ models are the new industry standard for high quality affordable priced Precision-type bass guitars.

The punch and power of the P-type bass .is combined with the J-bass bridge pickup and the modern playabilityof the 38 mm J-bass neck.

Marcus Miller basses are made of the highest quality materials in its range.

North American alder body
A popular choice for most bass guitars is the North American alder. Other basses at this price range commonly use basswood or agathis tone wood but Sire Guitars chooses the traditional North American alder which is known for its strong, clear full-bodied sound, with beefy mids and excellent lows that is perfect for a traditional sound.

Bone nut
The nut is one of the most important parts of the guitar that influences the performance, playability, and tone of the instrument. Depending on the quality of the material and elasticity, the nut can either improve or degrade the sound. Although the bone nut is more costly and harder to work with, it is considered to deliver more balanced, clearer and smoother tones than plastic or other materials.

Ebony fingerboard
Ebony fingerboards are made with very dense wood that delivers clear, crisp, and well-rounded tones.

Marcus Heavy Mass bridge
Marcus Miller SIRE P7+ bass is equipped with the newly designed Marcus Heavy Mass Standard Bridge.This was specially developed at the request of Marcus Miller, giving the bass a rich and punchy sound. The new bridge allows a string-through body method or a string through bridge method. The string through body method allows a tighter, more accurate and stable tone.

Rolled fretboard edges
A true customshop feature
We have taken the overall playability to the next level with the rolled fingerboard edges. .What only custom shops can achieve, is now available in the Sire 2nd Gen series. These rounded edges will give players a firmer and more natural grasp, compared to the typical fretboards.

Marcus Super-PJ Revolution set
Marcus Miller Super-PJ Revolution Pickup set is an upgraded pickup set that gives players that rich, powerful unique precision bass sound as well as the vintage jazz bass tone.In addition to the Fiber Bobbin and Alnico 5 magnets, this pick up is also made with US manufactured USA coil magnet wires.

Marcus Heritage-3 Preamp
SIRE’s unique preamp system is a perfect example that represents our technology and philosophy that is integrated into our instruments.With multiple tone controls, players have total command to achieve the perfect tone they desire. The use of 18v batteries enables the player to attain unaltered natural sounds with strong and powerful outputs. With the 3-band EQ, players are able to carry out versatility in sounds that will be suited for all music sessions and performances. All models are built with the option of both active and passive modes. Even in the passive mode, the volume, tone, and pickup balancer are fully functional, giving the players more control of the tone in any mode..

P7+ Specifications

body material: north American alder
body shape:Sire Precision Bass type
body color: alder body – AWH, antique white highgloss
neck material: 1 piece hard maple(satin finish)
neck shape: C-shape
scale: 34 inch
fingerboard (rolled edges): ebony
fingerboard radius: 9.5 inch
frets: 2.4 medium
string nut: 4 String – natural bone 38mm width
binding: 1 ply ivory
inlay: WH pearloid block
neck joint: 4 bolt steel square plate
pickups: Marcus Super-PJ Revolution set
electronics: Marcus Heritage-3 with middle frequency control
controls: volume / tone(dual pot) : pickup blender : treble : middle / middle frequency (dual pot) : bass, mini toggle(active / passive)
knobs: modern plastic black
bridge: Marcus Miller Heavy Mass Standard
tuning gear: premium open-gear
hardware finish: chrome
pick guard: tortoise

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€ 686.25

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Pirastro P224021 Eudoxa altvioolsnaar set

altvioolsnaar set,medium, in envelop,

€ 168.55

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Groove Tubes 5550113561 tube GT EL34 M med quartet

tube GT-EL34-M med quartet

The GT EL34 is based on the original Mullard® EL34 of the ‘60s — the stock tube in all early Marshall® and Hiwatt® amps. Mullard produced it for about 15 years,
and this is a faithful reproduction of the classic XF2 dual-getter version. It has a big, fat and well-defined tone and really “wakes up” reissue amps to perform
like the originals. As close as you can get to vintage Marshall® power tube heaven.

The original power platform behind most high-powered British guitar stacks from the ’60s onward. Output is generally between 20 and 25 watts, with pronounced midrange punch, tight low end and crisp top end that breaks up relatively smoothly and gets a little crunchy when pushed hard. It provides a great voice that
stands out in a band mix as the mids tend to power their way through an overall mix. Big brother to the EL84

Matched quartet of EL34 tubes in “medium” power range.

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 105.65

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Hayman CAJ 100 DAS cajon

cajon, 30x30x48cm, met verstelbare snaren, dark ash

De Hayman CAJ-100 is een snarencajon met verstelbare snaren waardoor hij goed te gebruiken is als vervanging van een drumstel bij bijvoorbeeld 'unplugged' sessies. Sinds de opkomst van huiskamerconcerten en unplugged sessies is de cajon niet meer weg te denken en een onmisbaar element geworden in het arsenaal van een drummer en/of percussionist.

De CAJ-100 is zeer betaalbare en prima afgewerkte cajon, die leverbaar is met verschillende slagplaten: naturel essen, donker essen, bamboe, amoebe, ebben, zwart met witte decoratie. De vier kunststof steundoppen aan de onderkant zorgen voor stabiliteit, grip en extra resonantie.

€ 78.65

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Agner AGN CM RH marching Corpmaster RH

marching Corpmaster RH, paar, hickory, 18,0 x 430 mm.

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 27.30

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DIMAVERY DBC 218 Cymbal 18 Crash

Starter 18-crash cymbal

  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Perfect to improve our DS-205 sets

€ 64.40

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Gaucho GST 546 WH Silhouet Series gitaarriem

gitaarriem, verticale segmenten, wit zwart design

€ 26.79

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Shadow SH HBT FTC E Tuner humbucker pickup raam met ingebouwde chromatische tuner

humbucker pickup raam met ingebouwde chromatische tuner, voor vlakke top, cream

Automatic, comfortable, fast, inconspicuous, accurate and always there when you need it: the brand new Shadow E-Tuner!

Finally, even electric guitarists do not have to worry about forgetting or losing their tuning devices. A perk once reserved for certain acoustic guitars equipped with onboard tuners has now become available for electric guitars as well. Even as you play, you can now fine-tune the instrument with just one inconspicuous press of a button . . . and just like that, you’re done!

The impressive advantages lie close at hand or, better put, within view. Shadow's E-Tuner HB-T allows you to transform any humbucker electric guitar and turn it into an instrument with accurate onboard tuning.

The Shadow SH E-Tuner HB-T sits inconspicuously inside a humbucker frame, can easily meet even the greatest of musical demands and yet remains affordable. The device never affects or reduces the value of an instrument’s essential sound. Neither do any fine adjustments made to pickup electronics get altered in any way. The Shadow SH E-Tuner HB simply – and in a way that goes beyond the instrument itself – rings true.

Installation, as you might expect, is straightforward. As the SH E-Tuner HB-T replaces the original frame of your humbucker there is no woodworking required, and a prized instrument can at any time be restored to its original state.

The E-Tuner is available in three versions:

•For curved-top guitars:
SH HB-T CT (-B for black or -C for cream)
•For flat-top guitars:
SH HB-FT (-B for black or -C for cream)
•For tremolo guitars:
SH HB-T TR (-B for black or -C for cream)
Wherever and whenever you need it, the Shadow SH E-Tuner HB is always ready. Whether on stage, backstage, at rehearsal, in the studio, while practicing at home or jamming with friends . . . finally, electric guitars can be tuned with both perfect accuracy and lightening fast speed.

The Shadow SH E-Tuner HB responds quickly and precisely and – thanks to its chromatic functioning – allows for all conceivable alternate tunings, including open tunings. Its multicolored LEDs are unfailingly easy to read, even in very bright surroundings, and its operation – thanks to single-button turn-on and automatic shut-off – is entirely straightforward.

In addition, there is little reason to worry about battery life: with a maximum power usage of 6mA, a single button cell lasts through roughly 2000 tunings of approximately one minute each. This battery is located in the electronics compartment of the guitar within a protective shell (included with the device); replacement of the battery, when necessary, is a snap and can be accomplished in practically no time at all.

?Secret operation - only you know it is there
?Ultra-accurate - precise chromatic tunings
?Simple installation - no modification to your guitar
?Always onboard - can't be lost or forgotten
?Doesn't impact the sound of your guitar in any way

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 47.89

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Bigsby B B5 CH vibrato tailpiece kit

vibrato tailpiece kit, chrome, for flat top guitars

The Bigsby vibrato unit is installed on the top of the guitar and works in conjunction with a rocker bridge. The arm of the Bigsby is spring loaded and attached to a pivoting metal bar, around which the strings of the guitar are installed. In the neutral or unused position, the pressure of the spring counterbalances the pull of the strings, resulting in constant pitch when the strings are played. When the arm of the Bigsby is pushed down towards the top of the guitar, the bridge rocks forward causing the strings to loosen, lowering their pitch. When the arm is released, the strings return to normal pitch. The arm may also be lifted slightly to raise the pitch of the strings. The Bigsby is highly controllable within its range of motion and usually requires little force to operate. It is ideally suited to musicians who use slow, subtle, or extended bends. It has limited range compared to tremolo units using longer springs contained internally. Competing units, like the Floyd Rose and the Fender synchronized tremolo (or strat-style) are therefore preferred by some players.

Manufacturing Method: Cast
Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
Approximate Weight: 287 Grams/10.1 oz.
Overall Length: 4 3/4”/120.65mm
Overall Width: 3 3/4”/95.3mm
*Designed for use on flat top electric guitars

€ 272.09

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Boston B 10 gigbag voor basgitaar

gigbag voor basgitaar, 10 mm. voering, cordura, 2 riemen, groot voorvak, zwart

Als je op zoek bent naar een eenvoudige, betaalbare gigbag voor je basgitaar, is de B-10 een goede keuze. Hij biedt bescherming voor transport, spatwater, stof en krassen. Het kan met de meegeleverde schouderbanden of aan het handvat worden gedragen. De B-10 is uitgerust met een groot accessoirevak voor uw bladmuziek, extra snaren en andere accessoires. Hij heeft een voering van 10 mm.

€ 34.89

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FWF FWF MG2 dubbele piezo voor snaarinstrumenten met low pass filter

dubbele piezo voor snaarinstrumenten met low pass filter, ingebouwde versie

Ten eerste willen wij graag benadrukken dat de installatie van dit systeem door een professional gedaan dient te worden, nl. een luthier of gitaarspecialist.

De MG2 is een dubbele piezo pickup voor de versterking van alle snaarinstrumenten. Hij is passief, wat betekent dat er geen batterijen nodig zijn om te werken.

Om het systeem te installeren, moet u de twee piezos aan beide zijden van de brug onder de bovenkant van het instrument plaatsen. Wij raden aan om neopreenlijm te gebruiken om dit te doen.

Gebruik een 10mm boor om een gat in de zijkant van het instrument te maken op de gewenste plaats, om hier de female jack in te kunnen bevestigen.

De MG2 heeft een low pass filter die kan worden aangepast met een platte schroevendraaier aan de achterzijde van de female jack plug.

€ 76.00

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ORLA DGP110 WH Digital Grand Piano Series 110 white polish

110 white polish

The perfect mix of design and technology with innovative new features. The 88 note Graded Hammer-Action keyboard, the Multi Layers sampling technology and the new Touch Sensitivity control system ensure the best control of the piano sound audio reproduction and the absolute authenticity of touch.
The sounds available on the control panel will let you have the best sound for classical and modern music.
The internal sound library with 485 sounds has a variety of sounds with stunning quality. The sounds available can be mixed to obtain Dual Layer sounds and balanced in Volume in real time. A 16 Track Sequencer enables the player to program digital recordings and store them in the external USB Flash Disk.
The USB Disk feature allows you to play your favourite songs in SMF format and play along with them.


Keyboard : 88 notes graded hammer action keyboard fatar
touch response 3 selectable curves, off
Sounds : 20 panel sounds+ 2 player choice, 485 sampled sounds
Polyphony : 64 notes max
Layer – split layer, bass to left
Effects : reverb: room, hall, theatre - chorus
Metronome : click, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8
USB Recording Studio= 16 track sequencer
Tuning : transpose, pitch
Demo Songs : demos
Pedal : soft, sostenuto, sustain
Display : back lit digits led
Overall Presets : 24 panel memories, lock
Connections : L/R outputs, 2 headphones, USB midi
Amplification : 2 x 30 watts
Midi : in/out/thru, on/off
Weight : Kg. 70
Size : 143 (W) x 73 (D) x 90 (H) cm
Finish : black, white and red polish

!! other transportation rate !!

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€ 2341.05

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Chauvet DJ SLP Q6U 24W LED wash SlimPAR Q6 USB (RGBA)

24W LED wash "SlimPAR Q6 USB" (RGBA)

Featuring 6 quad-color LEDs SlimPAR Q6 USB is a low-profile, high-output quad-color (RGBA) LED wash light with built-in D-Fi USB compatibility for instant wireless connectivity. It is controllable via master/slave, DMX, standalone modes or the point-and-shoot IRC-6 remote (sold separately). It also features multiple user-configurable settings. SlimPAR Q6 USB creates natural-looking color temperatures thanks to punchy amber LEDs. Its flicker free operation makes it well-suited for video productions. With no moving parts, the fixture is ideal for applications where silence is essential. Multiple units can be power linked to save time running cables and extension cords. Fits best in the CHS-30 VIP Gear Bag.

- Low-profile, high-output quad-color (RGBA) LED Par
- D-Fi™ USB compatibility for wireless Master/Slave or DMX control
- Generate a broad spectrum of colors and achieve natural-looking color temperatures with punchy amber LEDs
- Convenient access to RGBA color mixing and static colors with or without DMX
- Flicker-free operation suitable for on-camera use
- Increase standalone versatility with multiple user-configurable settings
- Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units
- Access built-in automated programs via IRC-6 remote
- Easily control static colors and automated programs with the optional IRC-6 remote
- Fits best in the CHS-30 VIP Gear Bag
- Compact design easily fits inside sticks of TRUSST®

DMX Channels: 4 or 9
DMX Connectors: 3-pin
XLRLight Source: 6 LEDs (quad-color RGBA) 4 W (0.9 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
Strobe Rate: 0 to 18 Hz
PWM Frequency: 1,200 Hz
Beam Angle: 19°
Field Angle: 35°
Illuminance: 2,684 lux @ 2 m
Power Linking: 19 units @ 120 V; 35 units @ 230 V
Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)V
Power and Current: 28 W, 0.4 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz - 27 W, 0.3 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
Weight: 3.4 lb (1.6 kg)
Size: 8.3 x 3.6 x 9.6 in (212 x 92 x 244 mm)
Approvals: CE
Optional Controllers: IRC-6

Power cord
Hanging bracket with mounting hardware
Warranty card
Quick Reference Guide

€ 176.30

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Thomastik TH 193 Dominant contrabassnaar E 4 3 4

contrabassnaar E-4 3/4, 104cm, synthetic core, chrome

The DOMINANT string is a highly flexible, multistrand synthetic core string for tonal warmth and feel of gut and is impervious to changes in humidity, allowing for stable intonation and long life. The sound is soft, clear and rich in overtones. Dominant strings, widely recognized as “the reference standard”, are legendary for distinctive tone and playability.

€ 83.85

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Shubb SHC C5 R Standard Series capo voor banjo

capo voor banjo, voor banjo met rondere toets/radius, polished nikkel

Ingenieus ontwerp met speciale vergrendeling de voordelen hiervan zijn:
- snel te (ver)plaatsen
- grote accuratesse over de gehele hals
- exacte druk, geen ontstemming

Rubber hoes van speciale samenstelling:
- Drukt op een natuurlijke manier de snaren: geen ontstemming

Grote lijst topartiesten als gebruiker:
o.a. Garth Brooks, James Burton, Tony Furtado, Gipsy Kings, John Jorgensen, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Randolph, Raul Reynoso.

Traditie van 40 jaar met rijke historie; zie

€ 31.89

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