NUX MIGHTY AIR draadoze oplaadbare stereo gitaar versterker bluetooth

draadoze oplaadbare stereo gitaar versterker bluetooth, reverb + delay, drum patterns, 10 Watt

A 10-watt amplifier that caters to the needs of modern guitarists & bassists.
NUX Mighty Air is a wireless stereo modeling guitar bass amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated app that can enhance your tone from your Android and iOS devices It can serve you for bedroom practice, pre-show warming up, travel entertainment and more.

Plug-n-play, complete wireless versatility.
NUX Mighty Air sets the new standard for practice amplifiers with its complete wireless versatility. The included transmitter and onboard receiver wireless system can work well with any guitar/bass, active pickups or passive pickups.

Up to 18 hours of continuous playing time.

It’s time to wave goodbye to the AA-size batteries, a high-performance rechargeable battery is built into this amplifier that can provide up to 18 hours of continuous playing time on a single charge.

An amplifier, 2 modes, 7 channels.
To design an amplifier that can work perfectly with both Guitars and Basses, our R&D team has created a unique speaker system by using 2 2” custom speakers witha passive bass radiator. Guitar mode is loaded with 4 channels: Clean, Overdrive, Distortion and Acoustic Simulator, while Bass mode has 3 channels: Pop, Rock and Funk.

Loads of preamp models, cabinet IRs, drum machines and effects.
Don’t be fool by its control panel, there are loads of preamp models and cabinet IRS and effects available with our Mighty AMP app. And the best part is that you can save all the changes you made to a channel for further use.

Bluetooth audio playback with EQ Choices.
The NUX Mighty Air’s Bluetooth can do more than just audio playback, it also comes with 9 built-in EQ presets that you can be handy in some cases. Let’s say that if you want to play along with a new song and you cannot find its backing track, use preset Guitar Cut will eliminate the guitar signal automatically.


Tuning range: 30-40 hz, 1 c - 4 g
Is XuanBo accuracy: + / - 0.25 Hz
Response time: 750 milliseconds
Tuning mode: pitch (Hz) pitch pattern, Note/Octave have/Octave model, Absolute Absolute mode, the Difference of different patterns
Storage tank: 9 set of drums (each group contains snare / drums, bass drum, alone the breadth, resonance and open drum skin parameters)
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
Weight: 60 g (not including battery)

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€ 178.95

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NUX PA50 persoonlijk monitor systeem 50 Watt 6

persoonlijk monitor systeem 50 Watt - 6,5" + 1" speakers - twee kanalen

*Dual input Channels, 1 x 1/4” unbalanced input jack and 1x 1/4” balanced XLR input jack
*3 band equalizer, independent volume control for each channel
*50W RMS
*High sensitive 6.5” woofer, 1” tweeter
*AUX-IN and AUX OUT Jack

NUX PA-50 is a powered monitor designed for e-drums, vocals, keyboards, acoustic and electric instruments. Being a full range powered monitor, PA-50 can fully present the richness of tone characteristic of all kinds of instruments. Dual channel input, 3-band equalizer, 1" tweeter and 6.5" woofer, PA-50 is perfect for small gigs, studio recording or even living stage performance.


PA-50 comes with various onboard connectors which can cover musician’s daily needs ultimately.


The onboard dual input channel of PA-50 is ideally for small concert. With just 2 PA-50, you can gig with a standard 4-man band.

Connect your e-drums and electronic bass to INPUT 1 of each PA-50.
Connect your Microphone and keyboard to INPUT 2 of each PA-50.
Adjust the volume level and overall tone of each PA-50


You can connect your guitar and microphone to PA-50 simultaneously for one man performance.

Connect your guitar to INPUT 1 of PA-50
Connect your microphone to INPUT 2 of PA-50
Adjust the volume level and overall tone of PA-50

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€ 256.30

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NUX MIGHTY LBT buro gitaar versterker met bluetooth

buro gitaar versterker met bluetooth, reverb + delay, drum patterns, 3 Watt

NUX Mighty Lite BT is a new standard for the mini class amplifiers. It’s lightweight and literally small all-in-one portable guitar amplifier. It's a low-watt practice amp that you can use in any room at your home, put on a desk or take it wherever you want and jam, via the battery-powered operation or USB to power bank connection.

It features 3 channels, built-in digital reverb, and delay, Nux user-friendly interface design. It also offers an Auxiliary line-in and Bluetooth connection for jamming along to your own music... You can improve your jamming skill along with built-in drums and metronome as well.

It has good sounding and clean overdrive and distortion channels. With a single coil or humbucker pickup guitar, you can dial up to create any music style sound, such as pop, rock, blues, and metal and more...

Enhance your sound with digital effects; NUX Mighty Lite BT has filters and digital effects. You can easily reach the Delay and Reverb effect controls by amp's interface. And there is more to unlock via Mighty Lite BT mobile APP.

Your sound is ready to rock now!

You can pick a drum beat and play the way you like and feel. There are 9 drum beats in different drumming styles: Pop, Metal, Blues, Country, Rock, Ballad, Funk, RNB and Latin.
And a metronome for your skill improvement.

You can use TAP TEMPO to set delay time and drumming speed. You can switch Delay Speed or Drum Tempo by pressing and holding the TAP TEMPO button for 1.5 seconds.

NUX Mighty Lite BT is an ultra-low watt multimedia desktop amplifier. You can connect any music player via 3.5mm AUX-IN or Bluetooth connection. Play along with backing tracks and get the wings on and rock in your bedroom! Or, don't make the baby cry, use your headphones.

The Mighty Lite BT is a portable mini amplifier. You can use with the 9V power adapter at home or you can take the amplifier to anywhere you want. It also runs with 6 x AA size battery or you can connect a power bank via USB cable.

NUX Mighty Lite Mobile Application

Now the Mighty Lite APP is available for Android and iOS.
You can download the install file for Android devices from the support page. And it's available on Apple Store for the Apple devices.

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€ 92.50

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DUANE JR handwired tube amplifier 5W class A Duane Jr

handwired tube amplifier 5W class A "Duane Jr", Celestion speaker, orange drop tone capacitors

The all-tube Duane Jr. is the ideal studio amp. The handwired 5F1 tube circuit has been customised with a tone control to make the amp more versatile.
The tones you can get from your Duane Jr. are lively and direct with the tube-typical compression. Very inspiring!
Due to the low wattage of 5 watts, this amp can be turned all the way up to achieve the best power tube distortion available. What you put in it, will come back to you. Working the volume and tone controls on your guitar will bring the best tones. The diminuitive size is in contradiction to its tone. In recording situations, the Duane Jr. will get the best tones "on tape".
Now you will know where all the rock legends get their great sound from! Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons, all use or used these small amps with 5F1 tube circuits in the studio to get the best sound.

The Duane Jr. is a fantastic platform for effectpedals. The response is great and the original tube tone stands tall after all the alterations from your effectpedals. Standard fitted with a 12AX7 pre-amp tube, the Duane Jr. is most versatile when playing with different pre-amp tubes, like 12AT7, 12AU7 etc, Where the 12AX7 will yield distortion and fuzz-like tones at lower volume settings, the 12AT7, 12AY7 and 12AU7 tubes will all yield cleaner tones. All sounding very musical and letting you optimise your guitar-amp combination. You wil notice that the Duane Jr. will become your favorite amp for studio and practise use.

Full tube amp with a turret board hand-wired circuit with Orange Drop capacitors.


Rectifier tube : 1 x 6Z4
Power tube : 1 x 6V6
Pre-amp tube : 1 x 12AX7
Output : 5 Watts
Speaker : 1 x 8" Celestion Eight 15
Width : 33 cm
Height : 34,8 cm
Depth : 19 cm
Weight : 8,7 kg

€ 355.30

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SX GA1065 elektrische gitaarversterker

elektrische gitaarversterker, 10W, 6,5" speaker, overdirve


uitgangsvermogen: 10 watt
luidspreker: 6.5 inch
over drive: ja, schakelbaar
regelaars: volume, high, mid, low
ingang: 6,3 mm jackplug
uitgang hoofdtelefoon: 6,3mm jackplug
gewicht: 4.2 kg
afmetingen: 27 x 28.5 x 16.5 cm

€ 75.90

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NUX MIGHTY20BT digitale versterker 20 Watt 8 speaker bluetooth DSP via app aanstuurbaar 3 band EQ

digitale versterker 20 Watt - 8" speaker - bluetooth - DSP - via app aanstuurbaar - 3-band EQ

Mighty 20 BT is the perfect amplifier for home
It emulates the sound of a number of other amplifiers in a single package and it has a lot of useful built-in effects as well. Loud enough to rock your party or you can keep it silent for practicing guitar only.

Great Experience of Musical Sounds
Mighty 20 BT has 4 channels and each channel has 2 sound presets, and each preset offers one of the well-known amplifiers’ characteristic sound - in short, you will have 8 amps inside. You can get the real taste of different musical sounds and playing styles.

9 Variety of Digital Effects
3 effects can be combined simultaneously. You can engage a mod effect, delay, and reverb at the same time. There are 3 types of modulation effects, 3 types of reverb and delay effects.

User Friendly Smart Design
Drive sounds, digital effects and all other function controls can be easily operated by Mighty 20 BT’s user-friendly interface.

You can tweak a variety of different sounds from different music styles and save as a preset, and you can recall anytime with a single click. NUX Mighty 20 BT Digital Modeling Amplifier is also featured with a precise tuner, and 3 band equalizer. The amp has both a headphone output and an aux in. This allows you to practice along with any music player as well as practice in silence.

NUX Mighty APP
You can connect your mobile phone to Mighty 20 BT via the Bluetooth and play along with your favorite music.

We also developed a mobile application to control Mighty 20 BT amplifier with your smart phone. You can switch the amp's channels and control the Gain, Level and Tone parameters. Choose any effect you want and adjust the parameters. You can control everything, and there are more functions including some application exclusive features.
For example; you can a select Delay or Reverb and you can adjust the Mix and Repeat parameters on the amplifier's panel. And with the mobile APP; you can choose one of the three types of Delay effects and you can reach the Repeat, Mix and Time parameter controls (and the mobile TAP TEMPO) AND there are also three types of Reverb effects, you can control the Decay and Mix parameters. Plus, you can control the drum machine as well.

There are 3 modulation effects and a noise gate, and we added a backing track library for your jam, but don't forget, the internet is the biggest backing track library. You can find everything you need for improving your guitar skill or jamming. Mighty 20 BT provides the musical sound that will keep you playing for countless hours.

Each preset can be customized, and you can save the presets to personalize your amp with your very own sounds.


20 Watt Output
1 x 8-inch speaker
4 Channels (Clean, Overdrive, Metal, Lead) Each channel has 2 presets
Gain and Level controls, 3-band EQ (Bass - Mid - High) and Master Volume
18 Variety of effects (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibe, Delay, and Reverb)
3 types of Reverb and 3 types of Delay
3 Effects can be activated at the same time (Mod - Delay - Reverb)
3.5mm Aux Input, Headphone Output

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€ 158.80

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